Saturday, 12 December 2015

Hubbies 60th surprise party

Oh what a week and then day....
I was well ahead of planning and super organised the week before my hubbies birthday...
My daughter got in her car after work one night and someone had put a pole or hammer through her side window of the car. It took 3 days to sort out. The next day my fridge stopped working on the morning of a big grocery shop. It was the time to start buying for my hubbies surprise birthday.
Well no food shopping could happen. 3 days later my fridge was fixed. With only 1 day to the party we had to shop and prepare all the food and then it needed to be hidden. What a job....
Birthday celebration morning is here. Hubby knew friends were getting together for his special race day in Broadford.. Thanks to some great organising through RED BALLOON. We had a great day..
Then home to relax. Or so he thought. NOPE, I had organised a surprise party. Everything went well and flowed beautifully.
The weather was superb....
Race day and birthday celebrations are finally here.
Jayden (new to the family), son Michael, brother Graeme,
Tony and good family friend Michael.
Here the 5 of them are ready to race.
How exciting.
Me, friend Michael, daughter Kristy, Jayden, friend Di and the racing car...
Tony all suited up.... He looks the racing driver part...
Tony fits in the car.. 
The family having some fun.
Tony with his son, daughter and her boyfriend Jayden.
Oh the city people are cold. My quilts are being put to good use... 
I have this friend down the road that made the cake I wanted. She did a great job.
 My hubby has a Harley and loves his leathers, he is 60, so this really went down well.
 It looks fabulous.

Tony having fun with his cake...,it was a hit
Thanks Keryn.. Look at this TRIFLE. They were a hit and so yummy. 
Dessert time at the party..


  1. Oh no what a shocking time for things to go wrong but you did manage to get ec rethink organised on time... Looks like hubby ,family and friends all had a great time.

  2. When things go wrong, it's never one at a time! So pleased the Surprise Party went off so well.

  3. Hi Jo ,oh no your poor daughter,not a nice thing to happen to her.
    Wow what a wonderful time your hubby had. ,and what a great party and special day you put together for him,happy birthday Tony xx

  4. Shame that happened to your daughter Jo...and all the delay before the party, but it looks as though all went well and everyone enjoyed themselves!! Well done you!! Great brithday cake! Happy birthday to Tony.

  5. Oh laid plains!...what a horrible thing for Kristy to find, what goes on in the mind of such an idiot to do that to her car...why do electrical appliances know the worst time to pack it in?...looks like a fun day you all had at Reg Hunt Park, vroom vroom...great cake!

    1. What fun hubby had and all went well despite a few hiccups early in the week

  6. Glad everything worked out well in the end Jo. Happy birthday to Tony.

  7. Looks like a great day despite all the mishaps along the way. Love the cake

  8. Looks like a great way to celebrate 60. Happy birthday to your guy.


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