Thursday, 3 December 2015

Catch up with friends

I know you have seen these photos before but here they are again.
I was setting up a day to catch up with SHEZ  and to meet CHERYL
Cheryl was my Xmas in July partner and seeing how she meets up with others I now know I wanted to meet her in person too. I didn't want to miss out. So a day to Maldon was planned or so I thought.
As we know the best planned days get changed and we ended up in Ballarat. Well 6 of us met up.
We had a fun shopping day. The stores will never be the same again. I wonder if we will be let back in... We did have some fun though. Yes I did meet the lovely Cheryl too.
Oh wow, Cheryl and I getting up to mischief
Shez is a lovely person and friend

Oh where is the sneaky Shez
Barb, Anne, Shez, Cheryl, Jo & Kim

Gifts I received

My purchases


  1. Hi jo,lol i just love that pic of you and Cheryl,cracks me up every time,lol,it was such a fun day and i look forward to lots more my friend,i was thinking of you last week,sending big hugs xx

  2. Thanks for the photos SHEZ

    1. Oh Jo it was the best day and so great to finally meet you. And I thought we looked pretty good in the xmas party gear

  3. I wounder if Spotlight has recovered yet!!

  4. Have you ventured bac to Spotlight or are yiu giving them time to forget??? Looks like you had your usual fun day out.

  5. Looks like yo had a lot of fun. Love the owl fabric.

  6. Looks like you all had a lot of fun :-)

  7. I can see you all had heaps of FuN... thanks for sharing...xox


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