Thursday, 24 December 2015

My Xmas visit with a special friend

I have known this friend for 34 years. Unfortunately with lifestyles we haven't seen much of each other over the years. Her mum is so sweet and very poorly at the moment. She is hanging in there just to see Christmas... It was so good to spend some time together
I spent some time making her a special gift. Being bed ridden and after suffering a stroke only has the use of one hand. I made a special hand towel size fiddle rug. It has lots of textures and things on it. She was very happy with it and wants to frame it....
My fiddle rug

There is a bit of my mums Doily, lace, flower trim, ribbon with a buckle
And lovely soft chenille fabric....

I added buttons and a zip and a tassel 
With lace, 3D bow tie blocks and tassel on the zipper pull on a towelling backing
The back is a hand towel.
Jo's mum loving the Fiddle rug
Jo and her mum with their gifts..
I made a Grandmas Braid quilt and waited for a very special person to give it too. 
The sun shining on one of my favourite quilts 
Grandmas braid purple quilt
My special label



  1. What a lovely idea of a gift for your friend's Mum. The quilt is beautiful, the label very special.

  2. Really beautiful Jo what a wonderful thing to do and I bet your friend treasures her quilt.

  3. Hi Jo oh that nearly bought me to tears,you are such a loving caring lucky Jo is to have you as a friend xx

  4. I never heard of a fiddle rug and it's a wonderful idea! I can see so many possibilities for it.

  5. What a lovely gift! And a genius idea to use a hand towel for the back. I will copy that one for sure. And a beautiful quilt for your friend as well. You are both lucky to have each other. Merry Christmas!

  6. You are a beautiful soul and it shines through! Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

  7. What beautiful and thoughtful gifts. Glad you got to visit with your friend. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  8. Wonderful idea Jo and I bet the fiddle rug is much appreciated... beautiful quilt for Jo and lovely label. Yiu are a beautiful generous woman.

  9. Beautiful and thoughtful gift. Very pretty

  10. What a beautiful and special gift

  11. how special the bond between people is. Showing your thoughtful use of trims, and her thoughtful receipt of a gift made by your hands. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  12. What wonderful gifts your friends received. I love the one you made for her Mom.

  13. Very nice fidget mat for your friend's mom. The quilt will bring your friend much comfort. It is beautiful.

  14. Jo, your fiddle quilt reminds me of quilts for blind children being made by a quilt group friend. My SIL teaches at the school for the blind in Janesville WI and also agreed that the textures and items added are appreciated by the students.

  15. It would seem there are a couple of Jo's mentioned in this post. It took me a minute.
    Your fiddle rug and braid quilt are so precious. I can see how a fiddle rug with all those textures would be a joy for someone bedridden. May the Lord bless this sweet lady and her family. What great gifts you have shared.


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