Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Decembers movie challenge.

This months challenge choice is a classic movie Actress or Actor.. so far I have been doing okay with ideas to fit into my kids themed quilt. As it is Xmas time I thought I would show that in my row for this month. This is what I have come up with....
A Christmas Garland for JUDY GARLAND

Any guesses who this could represent...
Okay... So what is it.. A Christmas Garland...
Get the hint.....
She was in so many movies. I have already incorporated WIZARD OF OZ.

I have lots of blanket stitching to do...


  1. Clever idea! Looks lovely.

  2. Well that will get the brain thinking Jo. Looks great

  3. Garland...as in Judy...ha ha ha..clever :)


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