Saturday, 7 January 2017

Splendid Sampler sewing.

I have prepared some more blocks. I am so far behind with these but I will keep working on them. The ones I am doing now have a bit of hand stitching on them... The first one is a pieced block. So easy enough.

The next one was a crazy patchwork pieced together. I couldn't leave it plain so I added stitching and embellishments.
Splendid Sampler block no... 48

Then there was a cute stitchery block...
I added a measuring tape instead of stitching it. I used some stitches on my machine. Then I did some by hand and embellished as well.
Splendid Sampler block no.. 75

Next I will be picking some blocks to try and catch up on some. I will also prepare some blocks for hand stitching so I can take it to my sewing groups....


  1. Lovely SS blocks Jo.... not sure if I'll do any more of then... seam to have lost my sewing mojo...

  2. Love that top block, you're doing so much better than me - all I've managed with the SS is to download the patterns!

  3. Love your crazy quilt block with the embellishments - especially the ribbon work roses. Beautiful!

  4. Those little, gorgeous blocks are so much work! I have been downloading the patterns and really really want to make it, but I must finish Dear Jane first. I know how much work these very small block patterns are.

    Your crazy block is to die for! I love that you added ribbon embroidery. I have always wanted to do a crazy quilt!

  5. Lovely blocks. I am very behind too and truthfully looking forward to the end...maybe then I will catch up!

  6. What an odd coincidence. I follow a blog called Sane, Crazy, Crumby Quilting by Cathy who always takes part in the Rainbow challenge. I love her posts - she uses such glorious colours and is amazingly prolific. In lots of her posts she has made Twinkler blocks which really appeal to me. I have just spent AGES trying to find a source for a free pattern and just found it! Then I turned to your latest post and there is your Splendid Sampler Block and 40 which is pretty much the Twinkler block.

  7. Beautiful SS blocks Jo, I am sure you will catch up again. Love the crazy patch block.

  8. Great blocks , I am behind as well.


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