Sunday, 1 January 2017

Red & White friendship blocks to quilt top...

Over the past year at Heathcote Quilters we all worked on our friendship blocks. Each person asked for a certain colour / style / block. They were supposed to be 8.5 " square. Well that always varies....
These are the blocks I have started with...
15 blocks here....
I didn't know what I wanted to do with  them...
They were just sitting in a box....

Cathy from wanted to do a swap with someone. I signed up and asked for a 12" red / white basket block to add to the friendship blocks. I wanted it as a centre. I have a vision of how I want my quilt to look. Or sort of anyway...
This is the block that Cathy sent me.
A beautiful basket

Cathy asked for a rainbow friendship star block. This is what I sent her....
I sent Cathy 2 blocks

So I have made Cathy's block bigger, pit it on point and used some scraps to make string block corners...
Border added, turned on point, string block corners make it a lot bigger

This is the layout I am thinking of doing.
My friendship blocks from Heathcote Quilters.
I seem to be missing one block.
I need to keep looking and I have to make my leadlight block
I might add some sashing once the blocks are trimmed. Then they will match my centre block...


  1. Hello Jo, You also will be glad 2016 has gone ,you had lots happening. Glad you both are improving. Wishing you health and happiness also. Love the idea you did with Cathy's block, looks great as a centre. The sashing sounds nice idea.

  2. I think most of us are happy to see 2016 finish for one reason or another. Best wishes for a fabulous 2017! I love how you have put your blocks together - looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  3. Fantastic quilt design!! I do have to ask - what's a leadlight design??

  4. Oh red & white goodness, so lovely, Jo; gorgeous! Your vision is coming along beautifully.

  5. Great block from Kathy, love what you have done with it, the quilt is going to look wonderful.

  6. Great idea to make it like a medallion quilt...your vision is looking good so far...

  7. Lovely block from Cathy and the Rainbow star block is gorgeous, Love the reds, the quilt will be really bright and pretty.

  8. Love your red and white quilt and the rainbow stars are great too.

  9. just gorgeous! thank you for swapping with me :)


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