Thursday, 8 June 2017

I've finally cleaned up my space....

After being away for a few weekends, sewing for charity and now slowing down a bit I finally got around to cleaning up my sewing room. That meant unpacking my retreat stuff, packing away other stuff, sorting out for workshops and finding things to continue with. Also keeping in mind the cold weather has set in and I need to keep warm. 
I'm all set for my next project..
Now to sort out and start cutting for workshop I will be doing next weekend. More about it then.
My friend Rosie had also given me a heap of fabric to use for charity. 
She had a clean up so from hers to mine....

Now what will I do....


  1. It looks like you have a nice big space! And it looks very organised compared with mine.

  2. I'm always 10 times more productive after a big clean up. Good luck on picking your next project with the scraps!

  3. I love your big table! Have fun with all that "new" fabric!

  4. It is a great feeling when everything is tidy.What a pile of scraps, I see many quilts with that pile Jo

  5. such a tidy room you have and a great space for stitching. You have ertainly got lots of fabric for the charity quilts.

  6. Wow. Your sewing space is absolutely amazing!!

    I am looking at the bits from Rosie, and I recognise some of them from when I cleaned out my stash. Hahahahahhaha. what goes around comes around! Enjoy!!!


  7. Nice of your friend to pass along unwanted stash bits to you. Happy quilting!!

  8. Great to be all tidied up, do you have heating in there Jo? Wonderful of Rosie to pass the fabric on to you.

  9. Well Jo, at least you can sit & ponder your next project while sitting in your nicely organised & tidied room! I'm sure you will not be short on ideas!


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