Sunday, 4 June 2017

Take time to enjoy the view

I am loving the views of the sunset out my front door.
I walk down my hall to this view of a night and it just makes me smile...
The colours are just beautiful.
There was much more of a red glow that doesn't show in this photo.
It is a beautiful time of year and I'm very happy to have made the move.
This is my home.

I have been playing with yellows this weekend...

So I am linking up with Angela. I haven't joined in all year.
What better weekend to join in than with a cheerful yellow.
And I have been sewing along with chookyblue.
Still can't get the photo to work..


  1. And such a BEAUTIFUL view to enjoy!! Janet and I have discussed at length, but not solved, why sunsets are better in person than our photos...

  2. Wow Jo, you do have a lot of yellow in your stash!!! Look forward to seeing your progress.

  3. Beautiful view....Yes I have taken many sunset photos and they just don't do justice to the actual sunset...
    Wonder what you'll make the Sunny fabrics...

  4. Beautiful! You're lucky to have such a great view. Have fun with those yellows!

  5. I love all those yellows! :-)

  6. Wow! You have loads of yellow to play with! Beautiful sunset!

  7. What a lot of yellow fabrics you have! I have been very t mot d to join in with the RSC challenge but there's been so many other things that have got in my way. Good for you to plunge in part way through the year. Perhaps that's what I should do. Perhaps a yellow Twinkler block or too?

  8. Beautiful colours and fabrics

  9. here we get lovely sunrises but the sunsets are not so good maybe because we are the other side of the equator? Plenty of yellow scraps to play with must get mine out too for my crazy scrap block

  10. nice cheery yellow fabrics..........glad you made it to the party..........

  11. Beautiful sunset Jo, it is important formus all to take time to look and enjoy...good to hear you are happy in your new home. Lots of yellow there for you to create with.


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