Monday, 26 June 2017

Lorraine Cocker works

I was lucky enough to do a 2 day workshop with Lorraine Cocker and make her jelly roll petals quilt. 
We had fifteen wonderful ladies in the class and we had a great 2 days. 
What we are making.

Careful cutting happening

The happy sewers

Strips being ironed.

Strips being sewn

Correct cutting placements and ruler lessons. 

The lay outs are being decided. Strips are sewn  & flower petals appliquéd. Blocks are made. 
Now quilts can be planned.

All the quilts in progress will be on another post.... 


  1. The display quilt looks so cute, I really like it. I'm looking forward to seeing your quilt. Have a peaceful day.

  2. Looks like a great two days of creating...Love the Jelly Roll Quilt..

  3. That's a pretty quilt! Must have been a fun workshop.

  4. what a fun time this must have been and so creative too, a lovely quilt. Going to have a go at joining some strips like that and then cutting them

  5. That is a beautiful quilt Jo, looks like a fun weekend.

  6. What a nice quilt - a perfect way to spend a weekend....

  7. This just looks like so much fun! Oh how I wish we weren't half a world apart. What a great class and a gorgeous jelly roll quilt!


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