Monday, 12 June 2017

Some crochet is finished and a new project started...

I have made this cute little cape for our new granddaughter due now. It's in the mail for her...
I love making this pattern and so easy to do. I do not have to count rows and very little sewing up..
Hopefully some baby news soon..

Next I opened a bag of knitting of my mums.... Yes there is still plenty to finish.
I sorted through these pattern pieces that were done and matched them up. These are the paired up pieces. Worked out what to do and they will make 2 baby blankets...

 I will sew them together and then crochet around the square until they are a big enough size.
I'm now on the way with one blanket..


  1. Such a beautiful cape for your new granddaughter....
    Love the projects you made from your yellows...

  2. Another grandchild. How lovely. Great crochet too.

  3. Babies always good news. Love the crochet and the knitting.

  4. a lovely little cardigan and the flowers will make such a pretty blanket

  5. Gorgeous cape Jo, those knitted squares from your Mum will make a beautiful blanket.

  6. The cape is lovely Jo, great work.


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