Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Special mail from special people...

First of all I received this beautiful gift in the mail from my daughter for Mother's Day.... 
It was delivered to work and everyone was excited for me when I opened it. 
A beautiful Bamboo chopping board burnt in with a special message.

I hope my daughter doesn't think I am going to use it..
My husband oiled it to bring out the grain. 
It is beautiful. Thankyou to my daughter and her partner...
Luv you both....

Another parcel that arrived for me was more baby beanies for the hospital. 
They are so cute and colourful.

Thank you Sue...


  1. Such a gorgeous gift form your daughter and partner...

    How cute are those weeny beanies from Sue...

  2. What a lovely gift to treasure. Super little beanies.

  3. such a lovely gift like you I would not use it, my GD gave me a chopping board Granny`s chopping board and that I have not used either did not think about oiling it but will do now. So good to see all those beanie hats

  4. Beautiful gift from your daughter Jo, the hats are great, love all the colours.


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