Wednesday, 2 August 2017

And the last 2

I decided to do something different with this one. The cute owls wanted me to fly round & round & round & round again. It was easy enough but took hours. It's very effective though.
Next time I won't do them the foot width. They will be at least an inch wide...

I'm glad this one is finally finished. I do love how the spiral quilting looks though.
It was the last of the four to be quilted and crazy as I am I chose the longest way to do it...
It took forever.
172" of binding and a whopping 8 bobbins for a quilt that measures 39" x 47".

This has 228" of binding and took 6 bobbins.

 This recipient wanted Aussie native animals & Gary on it...
It is stippled all over.

I'm sorry if I have bored you over the past couple of weeks with these quilts but I thought it was best to break down the posts into stages...

I had a marathon quilting session and used up a total of 23 bobbins & 750" of binding.
I'm having a break with charity quilts for now.
I do have some Aussie Hero bags and blocks to make then I will be focussing on our quilt show and trade table makes.
I might even catch up on my Dear Jane blocks I am so far behind with. 
I also have to finish my movie challenge quilt.
I'm sure I will get side tracked and find something else to go on with...


  1. You've been sew busy Jo! I've been taking quick peaks but just haven't had the time to comment - thought I'd better drop a line this time lol take care

  2. Wow, those Charity quilts were a marathon! Well done. Now onto some other things by the sound of it. Enjoy.

  3. The spiral looks great! It must have felt like you would never get to the end of it, though. I've enjoyed seeing all your quilts and how you have quilted them.

  4. I can assure you I was not bored so enjoyed seeing the progrese of these quilts


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