Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Halloween & Christmas

I went into Spotlight to see if there were any bargains this week. No sorry, out of luck this time..
But what I did see was the decorations for Halloween..
They are so much fun..

Oh my word. 
We haven't even got over Father's Day and there are Christmas gifts already on display and for sale.

I think it is too far away to be seeing these now.


  1. Halloween 👻 is getting bigger every year.....
    Yes it is a bit early to see Christmas 🎄 things.......

  2. I agree with you. However, I saw Christmas cards for sale in one of our chain Charity Shops about a month ago. I was just thinking how ridiculously early that was when another shopper voiced the same thought to the assistant on the cash desk. She actually agreed ( of course all assistants are volunteers so probably think like the general public) but then pole axed us by saying it was actually later than last year!

  3. Do you do Halloween at your place Jo? I agree it is far too early for Christmas things to be out.

  4. not a halloween lover myself in fact I turn all the lights off and take to my bed! Yes Christmas cards are appearing in the shops so far not seen much else but there again I do not go to the shops except when really necessary unless they are quilting shops of course

  5. goodness - way, way too early for Christmas especially. I think I shocked the MIL this past weekend when I said I wouldn't mind being on a desert island every Christmas...

  6. Goodness, we are still in August, a bit too soon I think.


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