Friday, 4 August 2017

Aussie Hero special blocks... & a thankyou...

W don't send of quilts to the Aussie Heroes for any special attention. We do it to support the special people who are out there protecting us.
I was lucky enough to receive a thankyou for my Busta quilt..
My Hero also shared it on Facebook (which I am not) .. But it was also put on the Aussie Hero blogpost.
If you want to read some thankyou messages from the heart have a read and look at this post.
Here is Sarah with her quilt... I think she likes it.


I made these fun Aussie animal blocks. They measure 10" and will be trimmed to 9.5".
I liked the look of them in what I hope seems like it is a photo.
Remember years ago we had the instant polaroids.
That was my aim.
 Look at my toes poking out..

 I was out with the measuring so they became straight on squares.

And the group of blocks

Next I worked on some cute Poppy blocks.
They measure 7"


Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

It is wonderful that your Busta quilt was so appreciated by the recipient. You are now Facebook famous. I so adore those Aussie animal blocks. I love to see your work pop up in my blog feed. You do such beautiful work. Happy sewing! Andrea

kiwikid said...

How wonderful to get a thank you, well done!! I know we dont do it for that but it is always lovely to get one. And she obviously loves her quilt!! The blocks you have made are wonderful Jo.

Helen said...

Love your busta quilt she looks so happy to have it.

margaret said...

lovely that you got a thankyou for one of your quilt. Loving the Aussie animals you have there they will make a wonderful quilt and poppies such a good idea for a hero quilt