Sunday, 6 August 2017

lunch time crochet

I have been doing a bit of crochet. This is the one I am doing at work during my lunch lour.
I have so much yarn to use.
 I showed my friend how to do this pattern which I got from Lyn. (Thanks)
I am nearly to the size where I want to create the sides into a rectangular shape.
This one is made with 8 ply yarn.

Here is one I am doing with 5 ply.

Here is the first one I finished at work.

This sits on my chair in case I need it over my legs when there is a draught. 
So far I am still wearing my t shirts..


  1. Nice work! These are nice and colorful!

  2. WHat a perfect thing to do during lunch. Both color combo's are nice.

  3. Great to be doing crochet in your lunch time, love the pattern and the colours you are using.

  4. These are some beautiful blankets. Even though I work from home, I often keep one on the back of my chair in case it gets a little chilly. Much less expensive than turning on the heat during the fall or spring. Have a great day! Andrea

  5. Great idea to crochet during your lunch hour. What does the finished blanket measure? Nice mixture of colours. Haven't heard of 5ply. Your 8ply is called Double knitting here in the UK.

  6. Love this crochet idea. I could actually do that one! grin - Looks terrific.

  7. your crochet makes for a lovely knee warmer, like you I need something over my legs come the colder weather and I suppose we will be heading into it soon, august so far has been cool and wet I blame it being the summer holidays for the kids weather always seems to be worse when they are on holiday

  8. Looks like a fun project to work on during lunch and a fantastic way to use up scraps! We seem to have them for any hobby we enjoy...

  9. They lookovely great idea.


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