Sunday, 27 August 2017

Slow day stitching while I sit dog watching

While my hubby has been away with my brother I have been puppy sitting.
Gus has been a great companion. He doesn't like being put outside at 7 in the mornings for me to go to work. So when I get home he enjoys a play, going for a walk then home to a warm bed inside.

So while I have had his company I have been slow stitching.
Still working on the binding and getting some quilting done.
I have it sitting beside my chair for when I sit down..
Can you see Gus in the background in his basket..

I am linking up with Kathy for
Slow Sunday stitching


  1. Gus looks like a sweet dog and yes, I did spy him in his doggy bed. Happy Slow Stitching!

  2. Cute pup! I can't do any stitching when I sit down for a bit, as a dog or two get up on my lap.

  3. How cute is Gus, good to have company while hubby is away. Quilt is looking good.

  4. looks a good companion to have while DH is away, quilting coming along well

  5. Lovely hand stitching. Gus looks a good companion.

  6. Gorgeous dog, they need company and us too.

  7. Gus has a very sweet face. We're dog sitting too.


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