Friday, 25 August 2017

Another instalment of Dear Jane and I have caught up..

Yes, that's right... I have caught up....
Here are the Dear Jane blocks for 
July... K6, H5, C12 & B2

August... K2, L2, M1 & M8

Somehow I have managed to have an extra number on my list. 
Therefore you can say I am now ahead of schedule.
Here is G11 with the appliqué finished.

Like I have said before. I am not trimming these blocks until I have quilted them.
I have decided to do QAYG.
 I won't receive the numbers of the next 4 until mid September. 
I am so happy. I get a gold star now..

Hubby is due home tomorrow...


  1. Well done you have certainly motored on your catching up. Enjoy having Tony home again. Making a big dinner to celebrate?

  2. Love your blocks, it's always a thrill when you catch up and also manage to get ahead.

  3. yes a gold star is well deserved looking so good and you will have an amazing quilt at the end of this challenge

  4. You sure do get a gold star!! How awesome...

  5. Well done. Maybe two gold stars...

  6. Kudos for attempting this major project! Your blocks are pretty!

  7. Congratulations! Great progress. It always feels so good to be caught up.

  8. You deserve a 😀 Like I use on my list. Total finish gets 🌺. Keep up the good work!

  9. Beautiful blocks. Congrats on being all caught up.

  10. Definitely gold star worthy! And an elephant stamp too.

  11. Well done Jo, yes a big gold star to you!! The blocks look wonderful. Enjoy hubby's home coming.

  12. Got a bit of a fright there... I have done G11 and K2 , thought next was L and then M but on further reading you have done an extra. AIM to get mine done in the next couple of days then I get a gold star too! Yours are looking great.


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