Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Bow Ties as Leaders and Enders

While I have been getting back into my sewing I also have dragged out a UFO.
It's my 3d bow tie block/quilt.
I'm not following a pattern and am making it up as I go.
I am using this quilt as my leader and ended project.
I wanted a tunnel effect.
I started with 2" blocks for the centre.
Moved on to 4" blocks.
Now I'm filling the outer corners with 8" blocks.
I'm not sure if there is too much of a step up with this size. I'll have to wait and see.
It's already good measuring 5 feet across.
I'm wondering if I'll keep it square or go different and make it rectangular in shape.
I do prefer rectangular quilts.


  1. It's lovely and colourful. I like the tunnel effect.

  2. Such a great effect Jo, great idea! Love the look of quilts made with different sizes of blocks

  3. Colourful and effective, looks great.

  4. The runnel effect works really well Jo, lovely colours.

  5. This is a nice one, Jo. You could use 6-inch blocks next, and then make it rectangular using the 8-inch at the top and bottom. I don't think that would ruin the tunnel effect.

  6. I am a rectangle girl myself, but it would seem that I have maade a lot of square quilts. Sometimes with medallions, they just work out better square.

    I love your bow ties in a variety of sizes. I think the jump up to 8" is fine.

  7. Great work. I have been seeing a lot of interesting bowtie quilts lately. I love seeing traditional blocks done with a modern twist.


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