Wednesday, 21 March 2018

LITTLE LETTERS ABC with a TOUCH of the 1930's

On one of my trips down south to see family I stopped in at Gail's Patchwork Emporium to buy a 1930s fat 1/4 for a friend. There were some lovely prints and I bought myself some too.
I spotted this, oh so cute, picture fabric. It shows the children playing, doing chores and having fun at different times of the day.
This was a perfect piece for me to put into my Little Letters quilt I wanted to make.
I wanted it a little bigger than the pattern and thought this would be just right.
 AND IT IS......

All the strips are cut to get the maximum out of the placements of pictures.
I do not want to waste any of it.

All the blocks are cut from the panel.
They are not square but measure. 5" * 5.75" cut...
I have put them in time order to sewinto the quilt.
Now to start the letters.
Here they are going together.
The letters are alternated with the picture blocks.
Telling a story of what goes on during the day.
I have laid out the letters as you learn and sing the song.

I have built up the letters from a 4" finished block and added small borders to match the alternating picture blocks. I am not putting sashing in...
Thank you to Sheryl for designing these Little Letters.


  1. what a great panel and it goes perfectly with your letters!
    great spotting and seeing the potential.

  2. That panel is so cute, perfect for your quilt.

  3. What a find, so sweet. It will make some child very happy.

  4. Am totally loving this quilt so far - can't wait to see the finished top - awesome

  5. What a beautiful panel and perfect for your project. It's going to be lovely x

  6. Oh, very cute! This will be a lovely little quilt! Love the little letters, too.

  7. What a beauty of a panel, it goes perfectly with your letters. Will be a stunning quilt.

  8. Jo THIS is an adorable idea!!!I wouldn't use sashing either. I have THREE baby quilts to make by August and am inspired by your idea!!!

  9. This is going to be a beautiful quilt.

  10. Goodness Sakes! Aren't those panels PERFECT to go with your letters? I love it!

    I am glad to see you sewing again.

  11. The pictures remind me of old fashioned Reading Book Schemes. The teacher in me is always lurking!


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