Saturday, 17 March 2018

'twas the week before Christmas 2017

When we had a mini tornado come through our town.
When I can home from work the roads were a mess.
Trees were down, streets were flooded, power was out and fences were blown over.
Our property was no exception.
 As there was a small child in the house behind the insurance company were very quick in getting the damage cleared and a temporary wire fence put up. Given that tradies are on Xmas break it's going to take a while to get it replaced..

This time last year it was my car that was hail damaged.
I hope this isn't going to happen every year.

Guess what....
After many weeks of waiting ...

Now to finish it off and get some plants in to grow.


Sharmayne said...

Nice to finally have the proper fence back up - hope I take stays there a while!

kiwikid said...

Well that took a while, but nice to see the fence back up. No more tricky weather for you guys hopefully!