Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Broken quilting foot

I needed to get this quilted by a certain date. Yes, my work colleague was finishing up and this needed to be done. I'm ready to sew.... OH NO!!!!!!
My free motion foot was broken. 

I was a bit annoyed and wasn't sure what to do but then I remembered I had a westalee ruler quilting foot.
It doesn't go up and down like the free motion foot but it worked perfect. Actually my tension was better with this foot. So I was done quilting in no time.

It still isn't completely square but it will be ok.

The quilting is all done.

Now I just have to do the binding.

Now I'm on thing for a new foot.
Money, money, money.


Crystal_235 said...

Love the quilt. I think I need to buy a new walking foot, I think its bent. It tends to catch.

jacaranda said...

A beautiful quilt and I love the colours. My quilting foot needs a good dose of oil, it is squeaking.

Sarah said...

Sew glad you were able to pull out that ruler foot and get your quilt done on time!

Vireya said...

Glad you had a work-around so you could get it done. Your round meandering looks perfect for this very sweet quilt.

Mari said...

Oh, no! Glad the ruler foot worked. The quilt is lovely and I'm sure she'll love it. Great colors.

Sheryl said...

How lucky that you managed to finish the quilting with the ruler foot, looks lovely, what pretty colours.

Linda said...

Pleased you managed to finish the quilting despite equipment failure. Well done.

kiwikid said...

Thank goodness you had another foot to work with, your quilting looks fantastic Jo.

dq said...

Wow! Lucky that you had that extra foot! Your quilting is lovely.