Tuesday, 2 October 2018


This is the 4W bus that picked us up from our accomodation and took us to out little boat trip through the gorge.

The greenery growing amongst the rocks.

It was so peaceful sitting in the little boat.
Even all of us didn't want to talk. We were all whispering.

Stunning views riding through the gorge.

The only way to work out where we are is to take a photo of the sign 


kiwikid said...

Great photos of an amazing place Jo, looking at that sign post I still don't know where you are!!

jacaranda said...

Amazing scenery.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Wonderful sceenry Jo. Hoping to go visit there next year. Looks like a great day x

Helen said...

Great photos, everything looks wonderful.

Vireya said...

Beautiful! Such peaceful photos. The water is so still the reflections are perfect.

dq said...

It is so beautiful! I love nature as long as I am comfortable with the outdoor temperature.