Wednesday, 15 October 2014

FNSI time is here again

Why don't you start planning your Friday night and join in with Wendy at
Settle in and enjoy your night.
Not sure what I will be working on as I am spending all week sewing.
I have this horrible flu I need to get rid of so I am staying home.

I am also sewing along with Sheryl and sewing along with her LITLLE LETTERS quilt.
Here are my blocks. I am making enough for 3 little cot quilts and I have caught up.

I am going to mix the colours up in the quilts too.
Here is the finished quilt of Sheryl's from
Sheryl puts up one letter each Wednesday and Sunday.
So I am ready for the next letter... "L"

I am linking up with WIP WEDNESDAYS


  1. Feel better soon Jo. Those letters are cute.

  2. Lovely blocks Jo and enjoy FNSI.xx

  3. Very smart to make 3 at once. Your letters are all beautiful.

  4. Hope you get over the flu soon.

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  6. Your letters are so cool. I'm far behind, but have to catch up soon.

  7. What fun letters. Coincidental, I live less than 15 miles from Temecula Quilt Co. where the pattern is from.


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