Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Lap quilt link ups

This week over at Vals the link up topic is LAP QUILTS.

I have done quite a few lap quilts but I came across this photo of my grandsons watching TV and ready for bed.
They were curled up under my sons quilt and crocheted blanket.
This quilt was my first curved seam quilt and it was all done by hand. I think it was my 3rd quilt I had made. I made this in the year 2000. It was for his 6th birthday.
Unfortunately you can only see the back....
They are always using my quilts and I am so happy to make them, for them to be thrown about and then washed over and over.

Well I thought I'd get out the quilt and take some photos of the front

And here is a close up of the hand quilting. It is in the ditch around all the yellow roads.

I call this quilt ROAD GAMES.
My son used it all the time with his matchbox cars as a play mat and then as a quilt to cuddle under.

Here is another post about this comforting quilt.
There are many other quilts here to look at......


  1. What a great idea for a quilt. I think my daughter's 4 boys would love one like that.

  2. It's so nice to see a well loved quilt still being used and by the next generation. It's a beautiful quilt and such a good idea for a "game" quilt too; not a drunkard's path but matchbox path. That was very brave of you doing curves so soon after starting to quilt.

  3. That is a fun quilt pattern for a little boy. So nice that your grandsons are enjoying it as well.

  4. Love the yellow (brick) roads. What a fun quilt for kids. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. I love the yellow roads and seeing the quilt in use. Great job!

  6. The curves and colors are gorgeous! Well done.

  7. Road Games is just perfect. I can see where he would have enjoyed using with his Matchbox cars.

  8. Before I read the name I thought to myself that's perfect for a little boy to play cars on. Pleased to see it being used by your grandsons xx

  9. Oh your grands are adorable and I LOVE seeing them under the quilts/blankets!!! Good job on those curves!!


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