Saturday, 20 December 2014

My XMAS tree

I didn't make it to FNSI.
I was babysitting the grandsons as it was the last day of school and my daughter was at work.
I decided to put up the XMAS tree. It is the 3rd xmas since my sons passing so I thought my grandsons are at an age they look forward to SANTA so why not. This is for them....
It is a lovely tree. Part of it was missing but we made do. It has been decorated.
Here it is with my SANTA Sack Swap presents still in tact.

And now for my lights and presents

This is what I was planning on sewing and doing for the night but it did not happen...


  1. Your Christmas Tree looks lovely with it's special gifts underneath and the Stocking above.. Your little grandsons will love it. You can sew along again next time.....

  2. Your tree with all of the decorations and gifts looks very festive!

  3. Love your snowman coaster... Just right for a little toddy.
    Merry Christmas.

  4. Your tree looks lovely Jo. I'm sure the little ones will love it.

  5. How can you not have opened your Santa Sack gifts? Such restraint
    Tree looks lovely as does what you had planned to work on

  6. Glad you put up a tree. It's hard this time of year but John will be there in spirit laughing with your grandsons as they open up Santa pressies. Love the restraint on not opening your Santa sack.

  7. We just finished decorating our tree today. Your's looks bright and cheery.

  8. Your tree look wonderful...I bet the little one's love it! I am sure your son will be with you in spirit and enjoying what ever you are doing.

  9. Your tree looks beautiful Jo and I'm sure the boys love it xx

  10. best laid plans ..... christmas tree looks good :) visiting from FNSI

  11. Hi Jo ,i know how hard this would've been for you,the tree looks great and the grandies will be so excited,sending big hugs my friend.xx

  12. The grandies would have enjoyed doing this with Nanna so much.
    Hugs to you over this season that must be so hard on you. xox


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