Sunday, 14 December 2014

A XMAS family day with mum and Slow SUNDAY Stitching

 I have had a great day with my mum, husband, daughter and grandsons. It was my family XMAS day. We drove an hour to pick up mum, half hour to my daughters, stayed a few hours, then back to mums and home again it was a full day. All at the same time as enjoying some beautiful weather.
This was the start of the present giving. Mum to her great grandsons.
Here my mum gave the boys their present. They were excited...
 Then there was the competition with Pa and daughter to see who could blow up the present first...

Once the sliders were blown up for the pool the boys had to be shown what they were and how to use them. Oh what a laugh.....

 Here is NICHOLAS  showing us how it
is done


And then we have little Xavier..

Following in big brothers footsteps

Now we have my mum and my daughter having a laugh together beside the XMAS tree

The day has come to an end. My mums oxygen is nearly out so off we go to take her home.
But on the way she makes us look at this great garden near her house...
Just look at this front yard. Look at how much work has gone into it......

I am now at home... I have had a glass of wine. Doing an easy dinner and ready to sit and stitch for SLOW STITCHING SUNDAY. What a nice way to wind down.
I have started on a HEXIE project but it is for my HEATHCOTE group. It is a project I will not be advancing on... At least for the time being.
This is where I started.

And where I am up to now....

And lastly I hope to get the centres on these cute swirling flowers from the DOD , row by row, QUILTERS GARDEN, mystery finished 

 I will be linking up withy Kathy at SLOW SUNDAY STITCHING.


  1. A wonderful day spent with the family building fabulous memories...

  2. Such a wonderful way to spend a day! Your grandsons are adorable...

    I love those pinwheel flowers!!

  3. The boys look like they were having a great time! I love that yard...I want a dinosaur in my yard! LOL

  4. What an amazing garden!
    So strange to me to think of such great weather at this time of year... the boys look like they had fun!
    ENjoy your stitching today!

  5. Sounds like a great day was had by all. That garden is amazing.Your hexies will get done.. they look pretty good to me.

  6. The presents were certainly a hit with the boys. Looks like a wonderful family day xx

  7. Looks like your Christmas got kicked off with lots of fun. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact it's summer there. Sorry the north hemisphere mind set is just hard to loose.

    Your hexie project looks complicated. Hope you got in lots of relaxing slow stitching time.

  8. Looks like a perfect day!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE GARDEN!!! Amazing :)

  9. How nice to spend time with the family,your mum looks like she is having fun with the boys,wow that garden is awesome.xx

  10. What a fun day you all had! Love the dino in the front lawn. Too funny. Sounds like a perfect ending to a perfect day. Thanks for sharing.


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