Thursday, 11 December 2014

Yesterday was busy

I had a great day yesterday with my mum and her Wednesay craft group
We get together each week and have a great meal, lots of laughs and this week we shared lots of gifts.
Here we all are.

Remember the other day I had a post about my square bags, stitched XMAS decorations and all the parcels wrapped...
Well these are the gifts I was lucky enough to get given......

There were homemade jams, coathangers, cross stitched tea towels, table runner & knitted scarf.
There was also a diary, journal, word search boo, tissues, soap,soft frees able wine cooler and a colourful water bottle. As well as shortbreads, yummy chocolates, candy canes and chic coated fruit and nuts.....
My mum was also well enough to make everyone these gorgeous XMAS tree decorations. Folded wire edged ribbon pinned onto a foam ball. How cute. THANKS MUM....

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who are very close friends..

Then I got home and went out again.
The KILMORE group had their XMAS break up night. We will not be meeting until February 2015...



Hope all the ladies have a very safe and happy XMAS 


  1. Looks like two fun gatherings. You did come home with quite the stash of goodies!

  2. Great food and great friends make for the best times ever! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Well it's certainly FesTiVe in your neck of the woods... yummm gifts and food... shared with "friends".
    Sooooo good! :)

  4. Well what a day you had, bet you were tired after all that partying..

  5. Looks like a fantastic day shared with family, friends and food xx

  6. Looks like lots of good friends, good food and good times. Bet you slept well afterwards!

  7. Lovely decoration that your mum made very special! Great night on Weds and I am glad that I was able to help with the hexies.

  8. The decoration your mum made is a treasure. Looks like you all enjoyed your lunch
    Cheers pauline

  9. Hi Jo what a wonderful group and boy lots of gifts there,your mother would've thoroughly enjoyed this day out.xx


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