Monday, 8 December 2014

My visit and shopping day with mum

I had a mother daughter Day today with my mum. I took her XMAS shopping, got her nails done and had lunch. It has been a while since we have had a good day out.. My mum is trying to hide her pain but I see it and she can't be out very long. The oxygen bottle only lasts 3.5 hours. We used to be out all day when my kids were in school. I'd get home to cook tea but those days are over. I am just lucky I can have a short time with mum to have a coffee. Of course, because I take her, she has to pay... If that makes her happy I will let her. It is such a change from where we were. It is so hard.
We got her nails done ready for her lunch on Wednesday with her craft friends.

We had lunch and some XMAS shopping.
I came home and wrapped up some presents for Wednesday.
Here they are.....
These are what I have for all the ladies.
I have a bought tea towel, oven mitt & pot holder & I have added a bought XMAS chocolate bon bon and my hand made XMAS  stitchery decoration....

 Here they are all wrapped with the extra touch of a reindeer candy cane.

 This is the SANTA sack I was sent from my " SANTA SACK SWAP"  partner Mel...
I thought I'd deliver these gifts in this sack. 
I'm sure it will be loved.....


  1. A special day indeed. Your presents look wonderful all wrapped up!!

  2. The ladies are sure to love their gifts! Such a nice way to spend time with your are a good daughter.

  3. How lovely having a day out, even if only a short one, with your Mum. I bet she enjoyed getting her nails done.

  4. I am SO HAPPY to hear that your mom was able to get out with you even if it is hard. Enjoy those happy moments!
    Your display of Christmas gifts is just WONDERFUL! I especially love the gift bag with the candy canes and the tree.

  5. Glad that you and your mum had such a good day together.

  6. Your Mother looks like she's having a good time. Glad that you were able to sneak in some quality together time.

  7. Quality time with mum is the best time xx Your gifts look great especially the reindeer candy canes :)


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