Thursday, 4 December 2014

The start of the Christmas celebrations

The Christmas celebrations, gift giving and get togethers have started.
We enjoyed a great night out on Saturday with the family.
Catching up with the in laws for Christmas.

It is always hard to decide on a gift for some people so this year we thought it a good idea to all put in together. We went ahead and made this great hamper with their favourite snacks and goodies. There were lollies, toffees, biscuits, XMAS pudding, cakes and pies, chips, jams, a bottle of bubbly, tea, tea towel and oven mitt and dishcloth. I'm sure I have left a few things out but it was packed.
They thought it was pretty special too.


  1. Hi Jo it's great to have time to catch up with family,and wow love your hamper I reckon these are a great idea,I am sure making more hampers next year,hope you have a wonderful day my friend.xx

  2. So nice to catch up with your in laws - the hamper looks wonderful!

  3. Hampers are always a good idea. It's then nice to indulge in all those yummy things you probably wouldn't buy for yourself!

  4. Looks like a fun start to the holiday season.

  5. What a perfect gift that you know will get used... great start to the season xxx

  6. Hampers are the best!! All these yummy things :)

  7. Family is very important and I am sure they felt very special receiving that yummy hamper!


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