Friday, 5 February 2016

A little bit of rain but a beautiful day....

I woke up to a beautiful morning and ready for a good day of sewing...
I looked out my kitchen window and my Dahlias put on a wonderful display. They are such a lovely colour.
I walked past and just had to take a photo.
Dahlia's in my garden..

Sew my sewing begins.
I had to get stuck into this months patterns for my 2 SALs over at Deana's
Deana designs these patterns and they are fun to sew along with everyone else... One row a month makes it easy to keep up....
Here is this months pattern for the Americana quilt...
I have changed the size of the quilt intended. Mine will be a not as wide as I will be giving it to an Aussie Hero one day. I am just sewing along for the fun of it.
This row is supposed to represent the mountains for the Americana quilt. I have swap a few things around as well as the colours. I am doing an Australiana quilt the size of an Aussie Hero quilt. My row couldn't be mountain colours because I really have only used blue and red... I'm sure it will fit in ok when I put the quilt together.

And this is it for the Spring SAL.... Now I just have to put all the rows together
Last row for the Spring SAL...

I am happy that I made it before the end of the month. I didn't think I would get there with everything else that I had to finish.....

Yes they were done before the end of January but it took til now to do a post.....


  1. Jo such gorgeous blocks. Am loving both your SALs

  2. Hi Jo love your flower and boy your work is amazing,Cheryl and we're just saying how wonderful your birds and the bird houses look,well done my friend xx

  3. Love the mountain row and the spring birds, looks amazing Jo.

  4. I love dahlias although ai have never grown them. Like your change up on the blocks.

  5. Dahlias are oh so pretty, yours are gorgeous. Both of your SALs are looking good. I love those little birdies.


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