Sunday, 14 February 2016


I have had a good, hot, long day sewing with friends. Actually it was with the Kilmore Quilters all day sit n sew. 10am-10pm..
I didn't know what to take with me to work on. I go into my workroom and have a look around. I grabbed a box with a long time UFO in it. There were parts of 3 projects using the same fabrics. All the fabric is in there. Enough for borders, backing and binding. All the blocks had been done. I just had to work out how to put it all together.
How do I make a quilt with these

There were crossroads to Jehrico blocks originally made when I was in the Sunbury group. Each block was made by a member in the group. As with any group project all the blocks turn out different sizes. Once trimmed square there was 1/2" difference btween them. I added purple borders to them to make them up to 12" blocks.
The smaller blocks were from an online SAL...  I added corner triangles in the background fabric to the blocks to make them up to size.
Blocks all measure 12" now

and then there were the filler blocks. Hour glass and half square triangles.
I got them all to fit together and I am so happy with it.
Blocks joined with the filler blocks

Then I got the borders added.
Ready for quilting

On Monday I will get it basted ready for quilting..
This is also a project on my UFO resolutions list...
I got to it sooner than expected but I do have a special person in mind to give it too.


  1. Wow Jo this has come up amazing my friend ,you have done an awesome job of putting it together xx

  2. Your blocks come together beautifully and I am sure the recipient will love.. Great long day of sewing and one to mark off your UFO list.

  3. That looks amazing Jo, well done!! Is hard to get things to fit when they are different sizes!! You have done a great job with it...the recipient will be very happy.

  4. Great work, you got them together beautifully

  5. Well done on some math work. It is looking stunning. Bring it on Weds pretty please.

  6. Gorgeous blocks Jo and I love how you've put them together

  7. What a pretty purple quilt! Your idea to frame the blocks to make them a uniform size was great. I think the fillers really bring the quilt to life. Great job on a UFO.

  8. You did a great job of getting all those blocks into one quilt. Beautifully done! Congrats on having one more quilt almost off the UFO list.


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