Thursday, 25 February 2016

Quilting fun

I have been busy quilting 2 quilts....
Firstly is an Aussie Hero Quilt.... My friend, Sue, made the top for me years ago in trade for me doing some quilting for her...  It was a square sized quilt. I pulled some off the side and added it to the top. Yep it fits the Aussie Hero size... Its now quilted.... I'll get to the binding soon....
Aussie Hero quilt

Then I went all out on my Wonky Starburst quilt. It is my February UFO project. I did some whacky quilting. Free motion and in a dark thread. It's not perfect, straight, even or neat but I like it. It's a quilt that will hopefully used. I wanted it to be fun. I was outside my comfort zone using a dark thread but it's ok...
Look here to find out about my UFOs...... UFO LIST

Out there FMquilting
Wonky Starburst February UFO
Then, looking through photos on my phone I came across one of Shez when we were having a cuppa at a near by cafe... Gee Shez, what were we talking about.... Arms crossed and all..... Haha
This is a lovely cafe in Drysdale. Will definitely be going back there again... CAFE ZOO
SHEZ at Cafe ZOO....


  1. Hi My lovely friend wow your quilt is amazing ,well done Jo,and I did like that cafe,we must go back again one day xx

  2. Another lovely couple of quilts. Well done.

  3. Wonderful quilts Jo!! Great photo of Shez at the Zoo!!

  4. Great Aussie Quilt and your Wonky quilting looks good on the wonky stars....
    LOL..... The Zoo Cafe is a perfect place for fun loving Shez......


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