Tuesday, 16 February 2016

More fun in Wentworth

My friend and I had a great day exploring in Wentworth...
Have a good look at this photo. It may need to be enlarged.
This was taken at Wentworth Two Rivers lookout park. The garden has been designed to mix in the distance with the houses and landscape over the rise.
If you stand in a certain spot to take the photo this is what you get.
The bushes are real that shape the houses. The rooves and tree tops are real life buildings too.
There is a road in between the houses and the rooves... Haven't they done a great job with this design. It was great to see.....
A great photo at The Two Rivers lookout
 To all the women who want a quiet afternoon
I'm sure the many dads would like to agree with this sign

I had to do a double take with sign but boy did I laugh....
What a funny sign. 


  1. Hi my lovely friend,thankyou for sharing those beautiful houses with us,sounds like you had a wonderful time ,lol that first sign i saw in Thailand and meant something totally different ,lol,such funny signs xx

    1. Isn't it great that the houses are formed with the garden and only the rooves are real.

  2. Looks like a FuN place to visit. Wonderful pic... xox

  3. What an interrsting way to design the park, looks fantastic. Great signs you have spied on your travels.

  4. What a great design in the park. Some people are so clever. Love your photo. Some cool advertising too lol!

  5. Your post brought back many memories of Wentworth and other beautiful places in the Blue Mountains. I hope to take my Hubby there one day

  6. That is a very cool garden design. Love the signs!


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