Saturday, 13 February 2016

My daughter and I

My daughter had an appointment in the city so I went with her for a day out.
What an experience. I'm not one for public transport. My daughter got me hooked up with a myki card and on the train we got. It was very interesting I must say.
Meeting went well then off to lunch we headed.
There was a ZUMBA class going on in Federation Square. That was our entertainment for the day.
We cheered them on with a beer an pizza.
Kristy and I.     Lunch time in Federation Square.

Look in the background to see all that fitness happening.
It was a beautiful 30degree day....


  1. Nothing nicer than spending a day with your DD....

  2. Glad you enjoyed your day out. You both have the same smile!

  3. Lovely to have a day out with your daughter Jo...I would rather watch the Zumba than participate!! Great day to eat outside!! Good to hear you mastered the mysteries of the Myki system!!!

  4. lol you are a dag,love that you were having beer and pizza just watching them,lol,lovely bonding time,lovely pics my friend,looking forward to seeing you this week xx

  5. Seems like a perfect way to spend the day with your daughter 😊

  6. Always good to have mum/daughter time.

  7. Glad you had a great day with your daughter... Bugger Zumba

  8. Looks like a very fun day.


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