Saturday, 20 February 2016

FNSI results....

FNSI.... after a nap, dinner and a couple of drinks I was in the mood for sewing.... This is what happened....
I worked/started on my SPLENDID SAMPLER blocks.... It was very hard for me to decide what fabric to use. I think I will go with scraps. I have so many of them. I am sure so many others have too much too. I might even put it towards an AUSSIE HERO QUILT......
Block 1.....was fairly easy to do. The hardest part was which way to applique...
So I decided on Machine Blanket Stitch....
Block 1... Splendid Sampler.....

Block 2..... Half square triangles and butterflies.
This is what I normally do.........
Well, when I use so many half square triangles, especially when they are small. I find it so much
easier to make 8 units at a time...
No Bias Edges at all.  I follow this tutorial and it has worked every time.
Even if I get left overs it doesn't matter. They go into another block eventually.....
Go and have a look here. But remember it does give you 8 half square triangles any size you want....
I have decided to use scrap fabrics and didn't want 8 the same colour fabrics. I found a bag of leftover ones already done... All I had to do was trim them to size....
Now all I have to do is the embroidered antennae.
Block 2 ..  Splendid Sampler ... Butterflies

On Saturday I found this little kit to make a purse. I started putting it together and am now sitting here doing a bit of hand quilting with perle thread...
Little purse kit



  1. Beautiful blocks Jo and that little ourse looks very cute!! You have been a busy bee!!!

  2. Well done with your SS blocks.. I have also used that method to make HST at times. Nice and quick.
    The wee purse looks great.

  3. Beautiful work Jo, Love the little coin purse.

  4. Lovely Jo. Thanks for the link too. Such a pretty little purse x

  5. Hello Jo,

    Love that little purse you are making,it is so cute.

    Happy days.

  6. Hi Jo,you have done well with your blocks ,they look fantastic and your new pattern looks interesting,enjoy your weekend my friend xx

  7. Great to have another friend sewing along on the Splendid Sampler.

  8. So much fun! Great blocks. I am also doing to my blocks for an Aussie Hero quilt, Love your purse too.

  9. Hi Jo, enjoyed catching up with your projects. Regards Ofaigh

  10. That is the way I am going for my SS. scraps. Love the purse.

  11. Some pretty blocks happening there.

    1. Do love your first two blocks Jo and love the scrappy look. Great way to use up some

  12. Beautiful blocks! It must have taken ages to pick the scraps for the second block, but the end product is well balanced. The only bit I'm not one hundred percent sure about is the yellow butterfly, it seems to have too little contrast. I'm struggling with that in all my butterflies, they don't stand out as they should... but I'm going to finish the block anyway. I can always make a second one later, if I really don't like it!


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