Friday, 21 April 2017

A hexie workshop bag...

My friend is sewing along with her paper pieced Hexies and stores them in different bags. We got to talking and suggesting what sort of bag would be good.  You need pockets for your sewing supplies, fabrics, papers, prepared Hexies and somewhere flat for the finished flowers.... who wants to fold them when you pack up to go home... Well, as you know I use scraps for a lot of my projects. This is no exception...
I have started.... Strips being sewn..

Look at all these pieces being stitched on to bag wadding. It is a bit stiffer than quilt wadding. Makes it nice and sturdy. I enjoy all these little pieces.

Crazy scraps have been cut into the shapes for the top and bottom and long strips for the sides.

 Planning is going well. I have odd zips, scraps of everything. The base is the right size, the lid fits and now what do I do....

This is what it looks like when it is all closed. It measures about 14" across.

There is a full pocket on both sides of these larger Hexies. 
These pockets could store the papers & fabrics... 

 Inside the base of the bag will fit all those flowers laying flat for storage. The top also has a full size pocket to put scissors and thread.

Now to finish all the binding... 


  1. Fantastic bag Jo, what a great idea.

  2. You are a very clever chicky...
    The bag looks great! xox

  3. Hello Jo, What a great idea, looks great for carrying the hexies and sewing things around.xx

  4. Oh wow! That is just so neat....perfect for hexie flowers! And pretty too. That is some lovely upcycling there Jo. Love it xx

  5. Too clever Jo... well done!

  6. Fantastic......such a great use of scraps.

  7. ooh fantastic! I love it when our brains get all creative!

  8. Oh I just love love your workshop bag! It makes me want to make a bunch of them to put my projets in. They are just so darn cute! Realistically, I had better just concentrate on finishing projects even if they just come out of a box (ha ha).


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