Saturday, 1 April 2017

March workshop at Sunraysia Patchwork and Friends

This month our member taught us how to make the cute little twisted thread catchers.
Using a cardboard tube, Pringles container or egg rings. I used an egg ring from the supermarket but the new ones ar a bit heavy. The older ones would work so much better. The cardboard tubes are a good weight but getting them cut straight was a challenge. We only meet for 2 hours so we need small projects to learn. This was a fun one to do...
Look how it just stands up without any help. The egg ring / tube is hidden in the top. The ring is heavy but this is a stiffer fabric which spports it ok. The diameter is 9 3/4. It is a good size.

 One is finished and twisted up. The other is in progress.


  1. The thread catcher is very cute...

  2. That is a novel idea. But I don't understand how it stands up, I would have thought the egg ring would be too heavy.

  3. Well a thread catcher is certainly a great idea. I always have threads everywhere even though I try to gather them into the garbage. Those threads can raise havock on vacuums.

  4. That's a great idea they look great ❤️

  5. I have one of these thread catchers and I use it all the time, such a useful piece of kit :) Love the fabric on yours.


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