Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Time to hang some of our gifts..

I have finally got around to hanging some of my favourite things...
My bird feeder Given to me by a special,friend.
Wind chimes from the inlaws.
And a spiral ball hanger. 
We just love watching it spin around....

Here is the bird feeder filled with thread and cotton off cuts.. Hopefully the birds will like to add them to their nests... Time will tell.

My hubbies favourite shorts are worn out. He didn't want them thrown out so into the sewing room they went. It's their time to be renewed..

 All stitched up and ready to wear..


  1. It will be interesting to see if the birds come for the threads Jo, sometimes after I have brushed the dog I put some of his hair on the grass and the magpies take it away! Good job on the mending!!

  2. Waste not, want not! Well done on the mending and recycling shreds for the birds to use as nesting materials.

  3. I'm always mending Petes work jeans too! Interesting to see what the birds do in your new place ........ I see the travel bus in the background ........

  4. I too have put thread and fabric scraps out for the birds finger crossed they take them as it is nesting time here. Great job with the shirts too

  5. Love your special things. They are funnny about their fav shorts!

  6. Nice to have finally hung your special gifts...

  7. Okay....I'll be watching to see if the birds cozy their nests with your scraps. :)I HATE when my favorites finally wear out...enjoy the sunshine.


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