Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Better luck this time...

I stitched a hexie block for Charmayne for her table cloth but it hasn't arrived. So out came another piece of fabric and thread and stitch away again. I have completed another one so I do hope it get there this time....

Here is what she is doing.
Next little job was a  poppy block for Aussie Heroes. It measures 7" and when all are received they will be joined together to make a special quilt.

Let's hope this turns up in the mail....
 I even spun the seams and got the the black circle in the centre. Very impressive...


  1. shame when things go missing in the post maybe it will still turn up. Poppy looks good too and the hexie please share when you have done it

  2. Better luck fkr the hexie block this time Jo, shame the last one didn't arrive. Love the poppy block.

  3. Woops sorry for the finger fumble there...should be for;

  4. I am always wary of mail not arriving - good to receive a line from the recipient so you know when it has got there - relief! Poppy looks great.

  5. It is horrible when things get lost in the post....such lovely blocks x

  6. Your poppy block looks good, it'll make a stunning quilt - hope we get to see it?

  7. It is a shame seems to be happening more often with Aust post, very pretty block. Well done on your poppy block looks great !


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