Tuesday, 11 April 2017

March birthday fat 1/4 swap.

At the March meeting there were 4 of us that received our fat 1/4's.
Here mine are all ready to hand out. Yes, I only have to pass out 3 as it was my birthday and collected these.
I enjoy packaging them up a little different. It makes it a bit fun.

 The first ones I received

Look at all these parcels

Now all opened. I asked for NEUTRALS.. Wow... I'm going to have fun with these.


  1. So many possibilties with lovely new fat quarters...Happy birthday Jo x

  2. Love how they are all presented, and great you got something useful to you.

  3. nice selection but am I being silly are the teapots made from just folding a fat quarter?

  4. I'm always short of neutrals, so I understand your request. I know you will enjoy using them.


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