Wednesday, 26 April 2017

I know it's late

I know it is late but I got this from where I work. They were handed out for Easter. I couldn't let it sit there all day so I ate it all up. Lucky I got a photo.

I haven't caught up on all the blog reading over the last 2 weeks. Hubby and I had a few days away with the motorbike group he is a member of. Camping at the local lake. Easter up here is the busiest time of the year and all the locals get out of town. So we went with them.
There were 6 vans, campers and swags. And a group of 13 friends.

Enjoying time with friends and a great campsite.

 A bit of a yummy snack for lunch

 Enjoying the nights camp fire


  1. I love camping. Can't wait til the kids are out of school!!

  2. I've never been camping. So glad you enjoyed your trip.

  3. Looks like a great time Jo, good to get out of town if town is super busy!!

  4. Oh fantastic! Pure bliss..........

  5. looks like a fun time, camping here in the UK can be a disaster as kids Dad loved to make us camp think it goes back to him being born in Australia but it was not much fun as it seemed to rain most of the time and was cold too

  6. Hay, that is what we always do for Easter too. Camping is a favorite family past time for us. My girls always used to go to a young women's church camp for a week every summer as well. I was always a leader and went with them. Great memories!


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