Sunday, 4 November 2018


Well, we made it to Australia Zoo.
It was amazing. I think the best zoo I have been too.
The enclosures were just so natural.
It was the only day of our trip that it rained but the show went on.

Rhinos are so amazing. They just wandered the grounds in the same enclosure as the giraffes.

I just love watching Meerkats. They are so funny and make me laugh.
Look how tall they stand.


Vireya said...

The meerkats are adorable. The crocs, not so much!

jacaranda said...

That is one huge croc.....

Unknown said...

I love going to the zoo.

Crystal_235 said...

I love going to the zoo.

kiwikid said...

Have heard lots about this zoo, hope to get there one day.