Friday, 30 November 2018

Convergence... Scrappy Strings

My convergence quilt centre is now in one piece ......
What to do with it now.
I'll have to put my thinking cap on.
I want to make this into an AUSSIE HERO QUILT 
But to work out how to make it longer..

This is where I got my inspiration from --- 
It was a great help with the photos and instructions.

While I have been doing my stitching over the last couple of weeks I have been making string blocks.
These will be made into a string half square triangle block for CHARITY.
I will be working on these for a while.

These will be something I'll be showing my group and hopefully they will be joining  in too.

This was what I showed them on a weekend away.


Vireya said...

The scrappy string HST look brilliant put together like that.

Val's Creative Life said...

I've been wanting to make a string quilt and am inspired by your HST. :)

jacaranda said...

Love your scrappy string.

Maria said...

Well done on the convergence top and borders will make it a good Aussie Hero quilt.
The strings always make fabulous quilts and I like the easy block done with HSTs.
Hope Hubby had a great birthday..

Laura said...

I've got string blocks in the works too. Great way to use scraps!

kiwikid said...

Your convergence quilt looks wonderful Jo, will make a great Aussie hero quilt. The scrappy strings look great too, like how you have made them into half square triangles.

dq said...

I love the blocks you showed them on "a weekend away". It is great!