Monday, 11 February 2019

BONNIE HUNTER's -- ON RINGO LAKE -- making progress.

This is such a big project that has been going longer than a year.
It will get there.
Happily sewing my blocks together..

All piled up ready for ironing.

Oh no... I've sewn them wrong. Why is it you don't notice it until you are ironing them..

Pulled apart and now ready to sew back together 

Now isn't that so much better..

Both sewn and ready for another iron and into the top it goes..

Here are my blocks laid out. 

Just need some more sashings and the brown corner stars.

I'm so happy to have my top this far done.
It has taken a while but slow and steady..


Ellen said...

I am so glad you caught your oopsies! I saw the photo first and my initial thought was - oh no...I hoped you hadn't sewn the blocks all together yet. :)

Mari said...

Oooh, I love those colors! It looks so pretty!

kiwikid said...

The quilt top looks wonderful Jo, strange how we can out blocks together and not see the woops until it goes to the iron.

Vireya said...

It is coming together nicely. Glad you caught those pesky blocks before they were sewn into the quilt.

elliek said...

OOps but wow it looks great. said...

Those colours look awesome, brilliant job and a lot of work, well done :) x

Maria said...

We don't see our mistakes sometimes. check out my post !!!
Loving the colours of your Ringo Lake... going together nicely.

Terry said...

Such pretty blocks...they're going to make a beautiful quilt! :0)

dq said...

Oh wow! It is a stunner! I love it done in the yellows and blues. Sorry you made a boo boo. I did something worse this past December. I made a camp quilt and had it in two halves. I sewed them together wrong (should have turned one row completely around). The bad part is that I didn't even see it at all until it was completely tied and bound. That camp quilt became mine and will never be fixed. It's purpose is warmth and not for show.