Wednesday, 15 July 2015

What I have been sewing this week.

It is so nice to have a few days at home. Some time in my work room and then time inside for quiet work. I am involved in a few swaps so these gifts are ongoing. I need to be making something all the time. I leave the knitting, bindings and stitcheries for at night while I am watching TV and machine work for the day time out in my workroom.
I just love these Xmas stitcher you decorations.... Variety is good...

 I was given some green cotton so I have been busy knitting up more dishcloths and trying new patterns. I am happy with how they have turned out.

 Mmmmm working with green scraps. I can't show what they are for another month. I do love sewing up my crumbs though. Greens are so pretty...

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And I have added in NTT


  1. Really beautiful Jo, your swap partner will be one lucky person.

  2. Hi Jo,wow your Xmas decorations are awesome and I love those dish cloths ,hmm wonder what you are doing with those scraps,well done my friend xx

  3. My mom makes me dishclothes like this and I love them!!! Love your crumb sewing!!

  4. Your decorations look great, Jo. I love your dish clothes.

  5. The ornaments look great. I love the jewel tones in those dish cloths, they are almost too pretty to use.

  6. Your knitted dishcloths look great!

  7. I feel so LUCKY to own one of your knitted dishcloths. It was so kind of you to send me one when we swapped in Quilter's Garden. You are a jewel and I cherish our online friendship!

  8. love your little scrappy makes and the dishcloths look awesome!
    very pretty decorations too.

  9. Great Scrappy projects and green clothes...


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