Friday, 10 July 2015

A finish and a trip to the post office

yesterday I went for they day at NOTY quilt group. My friend Kris drive and I met up with Ann & Christine. Boy did we laugh. I think we were at either the  noisy or the naughty end of the table again.
Haha. Fun fun fun...
I was sewing my binding down and today it is all finished and in the box is all taped up.

I also got all my CHISTMAS IN JULY parcels wrapped.

Now off to the POST OFFICE....
I watched Bonnie Hunter over at Quiltville live today. She has a quiltcam which can be watched anytime. Occasionally I get to see her live. Today was one of those days. While I was watching I started sorting out some scraps and cutting TUMBLERS for this years Leader and Ender challenge.

I am waiting for a friend to arrive, then out for dinner and a great catch up...


  1. How great to watch Bonnie's Quilt Cam live. I've managed it once when she did a weekend afternoon one. Sometime today I will sit with my iPad and headphones and watch the latest QuiltCam.

  2. Hi Jo ,wow you have done an amazing job of this quilt,he will love it,well done my friend and how wonderful that you got to catch up with Christine and Ann,enjoy your evening Jo xx

  3. That quilt is so so so beautiful! Congratulations!

  4. Hahaha! I am always at the noisy/naughty end of the table at sewing too. Lots of fun there.
    George's quilt looks great. Nice parcels to go in the post.....
    Enjoy your evening out.

  5. Lovely masculine quilt! I'm sure he'll really like it. Those presents look so happy all wrapped up, too. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Great quilt! I caught some of Quit Cam last night. Didn't Bonnie show that picture of your scraps and you cutting our tumblers??
    I was cutting out tumblers, too. I'm using a Crumbler Tumbler Template. Cutting 3.5" tumblers from men's shirt fabric.

  7. Glad you had fun at NOTY, it is a fabulous group of ladies

  8. George's quilt is spectacular. Love that it is double sided. Sounds like you had a great time at NOTY

  9. Your quilt looks great, Jo. It was lovely catching up with you but I really think it was Anne who was being the naughty one! I just sat there quietly! LOL! xx

  10. Jo...what are you using to cut those tumblers??? Hmmmm....looks like it could be a new toy for me to to buy with next years piggy bank money!

  11. You had a very productive Friday. The George quilt turned out nicely. Hope it''s going to a good home.


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