Friday, 17 July 2015


I took part in a savings challenge with Val.. Unfortunately I didn't manage to save much over the past year... I had a grand total of $29.85 in coins and $30 in notes. That's pretty sad. I actually forgot about it.
I think this time I will have to put my money box in view and not hidden.
Have a look at what others got saved
So I have decided to try again this year. I have started with a smaller money box.

 I wonder if that will help. Why not join in. You have til 1st August to link up.


  1. Well done Jo - enough to buy a little treat.

  2. still not a bad little stash Jo, it all adds up.

  3. Well done!! No idea what $60 is in £ but surely enough to treat yourself to something crafty ;)

  4. The weekly Quilt Group I attend has a savings scheme. Each week we can put in whatever we want ( I usually add £3). About 3 times a year we have a day out at a local Quilt Shop and spend our savings. Really good, because it feels like pocket money! Last time I bought backing which I always feel is 'dead money'!

  5. LOL maybe you spend your spare cash on fabrics.......

  6. When it is possible (eg I am working) I try not to spend any coins and they soon add up...I use it for Summer School, less to find when paying up time comes around...putting the money box where you can see it and having a something to work towards and you'll soon have a heavy tin...

  7. Good luck with the challenge!


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