Thursday, 30 July 2015

More happy mail. I love my postie

How nice it to come home and there is a parcel at your door.
I was so excited to open this parcel....
I took part in a dish cloth swap over at.....
Organised by Kimberly
My partner doesn't have a blog but I am sure she is watching mine now.
I have received this beautiful gift from Glenda in New Zealand.
I wish I could meet all these partners I have been swapping with. It is so much fun....
Here is my parcel....
A lovely cotton tea towel to match my kitchen, hand knitted dishcloth, note books for my shopping list, a savoury dip, herbal teas and some beautiful chocolate. Looking forward to that....
There was also these great kitchen pegs to use on open packets. My husband has already used them on his potato chips 
This swap was organised by Kimberly over at

Here is what I sent to Glenda in my parcel...
I'm sorry I didn't enclose any of your likes... Plain teas or savoury things. I was at a blank and couldn't find the one thing I wanted so I filled it up with what I could make. I hope you are happy Glenda....
Some knitted dishcloths  in your favourite colour, along with a casserole carrier, a double ended oven mitt, 2 pot holders, a serviette holder, a great kangaroo ice cube/chocolate maker and a cool spatula.   CUPCAKES ARE A GIRLFRIENDS BEST FRIEND
.....and on the reverse side are measurement conversions.
I know you don't bake a lot but I thought this was cute. Sorry about no treats....


  1. Well that's a happy package to get! Looks like your partner is very lucky, too. What beautiful gifts!

  2. Reckon both of you did really well.

  3. You do get some pretty fun mail.

  4. Hi Jo,

    Thanks for taking part in my swap. Fab swaps on both sides - I really love your knitted dishcloths and your sewing is amazing!


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