Sunday, 26 July 2015

Oh so happy mail.

My postie has been my best friend this week.
First up is my beautiful POSTCARD from EGLEA.
Look at the beautiful picture Eglea made.
Love the quilting.....
 It is like a real postcard.
I cut off my address though.
Eglea also wrote 
Eglea doesn't live near the beach but within the mountains of Brazil.
Her postcard was a symbol of the beaches of the Northeasts fisherman in their boats.
You can listen to the composers song here

March of the Fishermen

My ship is heading to the sea
I'm going to work, my dear.
God willing, when I come back from the sea,
I will bring along a good fish.
My fellows are coming back too
and we will thank our Lord (God).
The Morning Star follows me,
lighting my way.
I know that I'm never alone
because there's someone thinking about me.
Goodbye, goodbye
Fisherman, don't forget me.
I will pray that the weather is good, my dear,
that it is not bad.
I will make a soft bed for you,
perfumed with with rosemary 

This is the translation.
How sweet.

This was a postcard swap organised by Sheila


  1. wow Jo i really love this one and how lovely is your partner,writing all that stuff down,a lovely postcard swap xx

  2. That is am amazing card Jo.

  3. What a gorgeous postcard Jo. Have never made one before - those tiny pieces are a bit daunting for me, but I always admire them

  4. I'm glad you liked it!
    It took so long to arrive but arrived well.
    I appreciate the comments of your friends!

  5. Gorgeous...the sense of the sun rising (or setting) in the quilting...just love it...enjoy...

  6. Wow, beautiful post card!


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