Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Happy mail

wow.. My postie has delivered some happy mail.
So first up I received a parcel from the UK. I had no idea what it was but was very excited to open it.
I have been talking to Linda from
We have swapped many emails and it is very nice to talk to someone who lives near where you have holidayed or been through the same as you.
I have been working on crazy patchwork projects and Linda thought she would clean her stash. Wasn't I lucky...
Here is what she sent me.... Now to use it.

 Look at these beautiful Laces. I am sure I can use them in my CRAZY PATCHWORK.

Then on the same day I received my parcel from ???!???
It was from CIJ.
My Xmas in July partner....
I recognise the address. I have sent something to her before. Do I snoop... No... RELAX.
WAIT UNTIL THE 25th....... OK
I have not opened the package. Yes, I will wait.....


  1. wow Jo love that lace and how exciting your parcel has arrived,who sent to you xx

  2. Bloggers are the best Lovely lace Look forward to seeing what you do with it

  3. Great lace and bits for your crazy patchwork. Lovely parcel to get in the post. Good to hear your Christmas in July goodies have arrived.

  4. What a lovely surprise parcel Jo with all those beautiful laces. Have sent my CIJ parcel off but it is so hard to be good when your's arrives isn't it

  5. I am so pleased you enjoyed the parcel, Jo. Love your photo of the contents!

  6. Love that pretty pretty happy mail jo! Have fun!

  7. Those laces are so pretty, Jo. Certainly some lovely mail there.

  8. such pretty goodies in the mail, good luck keeping your swap parcel intact.

  9. Love all the beautiful laces. Lucky you. You will be hooked on crazy patchwork now. Rosalie did warn you:)

  10. The lace and embroidery is going to look great in your crazy quilting.


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